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R&D Sector
C-TRI has set up four research laboratories; peptide laboratory, biodrug laboratory, ionic liquids laboratory, and formulation laboratory. Currently, a total of 18 researchers are engaged in developing peptide drugs, unnatural amino acids, and ionic liquids, and drug formulation. In development department, 6 people are responsible for drug development strategy, clinical trials, and product license.
Organization Function
Main Functions
Peptide Laboratory - Development of various peptide ingredients based on solid-phase synthesis technology
- Development of manufacturing methods for bivalirudin, desmopressin, taltirelin, leuproreline, goserelin, octreotide, and eptifibatide
- Development of anticoagulant bivalirudin as finished form
- Development of taltirelin (trade name: Citrelin OD tablets)
- Product license of desmopressin (management of primary nocturnal emesis and nocturia) as finished form
Biodrug Laboratory - Development of three asymmetrical synthesis technologies using “chiral organocatalyst(C-TRI CatalystTM)”
- Development of 62 unnatural amino acids and 20 protected amino acids
Ionic Liquids Laboratory - Development of alternative solvents in fine chemistry
- Development of secondary electrolyte
- Development of OLED purification material
- Development of semiconductor etching reagent
- Development of other 250 ionic liquids
Drug Formulation Laboratory - Development of antivirals, antihypertensive agents, anti-diabetic agents, central nervous system drugs, and anti-tumor agents
- Development of dosage forms for peptide drugs