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As far as Korea’s life science business is concerned, the country’s fine chemical industry was stuck in the limited therapeutic sectors such as cefa antibiotics. Korea is still lagging behind life science sector that is recently spotlighted.
Unless Korean companies endeavor to overhaul the existing paradigm, they cannot compete with global big companies, let alone an advancement into the life science sector in the 21st century.

To become a global leader in the life science industry, the company should have cutting technologies to be on a par with global big companies. To this end,

it is imperative that Korean companies should focus on creation of best-in-class technologies that can vie for multinational firms, coupled with ceaseless efforts to launch new drugs in the perspective of the futuristic market situation. It is time for C-TRI to segment its specialized business. Even though competitors was successful in a certain therapeutic field, any reckless attempts to follow suit will result in mutual failure in the long run.

Amid the fierce war for survival in the 21st century, our option is to secure original core technology and specialize/segment related products.
From now onward, if we are successful in development of innovative drugs and transgenic animals, we can get ahead of global big companies in the world’s life science sector and this is our ultimate mission and vision.
C-TRI’s management philosophy is that business success depends on the quality of products instead of marketing, which is directly linked to the technological capability.

The creation of new medicines through aggressive investment is to bolster C-TRI’s global position. Although we are a small company, C-TRI is poised to become a global company with first-in-class technologies at home and abroad.