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Starting with the pharmaceutical business, which entered the pharmaceutical business peptide C-TRI
First of all, let me briefly introduce myself to you.
I have been devoted myself to development of Korea’s pharmaceutical industry with a long career in government-initiated research institutes (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) and Hanmi Pharma as R&D vice president.

As a founder of C-TRI, I has led the company and provided leadership towards the development of C-TRI to become the world’s premier research-based pharmaceutical company.
2014 ~ 2016
‘15. 12 Listed on Kosdaq market
‘15. 02 Obtained manufacturing license for taltirelin (finished form)
‘15. 02 Constructed Chuncheon biodrug plant
‘15. 01 Obtained manufacturing license for desmopressin (finished form)
‘14. 06 Completed bioequivalence testing for desmopressin (finished form)

2009 ~ 2013
‘13. 11 Obtained BGMP plant for peptide synthesis (Namyangju)
‘13. 07 Completed Phase I trial for bivalirudin
‘11. 08 Obtained green technology certificate for ionic liquids
‘11. 07 Constructed peptide synthesis plant (Namyangju)
‘09. 06 Purchased industrial complex of rural area (Geoduri, Chuncheon)
‘09. 02 Moved the main office and central labs to Namyangju

2001 ~ 2006
‘06. 01 Designated as GMP firm for functional health foods
‘04. 11 Awarded Korea Technology Exhibition (prime minister)
‘03. 12 Awarded industrial cooperation prize (Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Energy)
’02. 09 Merged with Chirogene
‘01. 12 Awarded citation from Gyeonggi-do governor
‘01. 11 Awarded the 5th venture startups convention (Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Energy)
‘01. 08 Designated as highly successful technology company

‘00. 12 Designated as highly successful venture company in terms of technology
‘00. 12 Designated as highly successful venture company (Maeil Business News)
‘00. 07 Established central R&D center (Namyangju)
‘00. 06 Moved central R&D center to Suwon University
‘99. 11 Acquired Bayer Korea plant (Namyangju)
‘99. 07 Signed an agreement to promote technology development program for small- and medium-sized firms
‘99. 06 Signed an agreement to promote industry-based technology development program
‘99. 03 Signed an agreement to promote technology innovation development program
‘99. 01 Registered as venture start-up

‘98. 08 Established central R&D center
‘98. 04 Established C-TRI