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Manufacturing Process of Unnatural Amino Acids
C-TRI has engaged in developing a wider range of unnatural amino acids (for medicinal use) using its own chiral organocatalysts and launched their large-scale production program for commercialization. Further, based on the above technology, the company developed high-value unnatural amino acids that are substituted into stable isotope, which is essentially used in the development of medicinal products. C-TRI will market its own unnatural amino acids to the world’s pharmaceutical market.

C-TRI developed manufacturing processes for 62 unnatural amino acids using chiral organocatalysts.
Development of 30 unnatural α-amino acids using C-TRI-BOB catalyst
Production of 10 unnatural α-amino acids by azlactone dynamic kinetic resolution using C-TRI-BSA catalyst
Production of 22 unnatural β- and γ-amino acids by alcoholic desymmetrization using C-TRI-PSA or C-TRI-SA catalyst
C-TRI’s amino acid production technology with competitive price and possible large-scale production
Significance of Unnatural Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are classified as natural and unnatural amino acids. The main use of natural amino acids is sweeter and animal feed, and they are widely available in Korea.

In contrast, unnatural amino acids cannot be obtained from the nature and are isomers of natural amino acids. They are primarily used as active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Since the production of unnatural amino acids is available by some of global top companies, Korea have been entirely dependent on imported materials.

Of the world’s leading 500 medicines in sales, single isomer-based chiral ingredients account for about 80% and among these, medicinal products containing unnatural amino acids as core ingredients comprise 20%.

In this respect, the bioindustry likens unnatural amino acids to a semiconductor of IT industry.

Either of two stereoisomers that are mirror images of one another but cannot be superimposed on one another.

Enantiomers are usually produced in pair in the form of desired and undesired materials, which are called optical isomer.

Unnatural amino acids are produced either from racemic amino acid or asymmetric synthesis (chiral compounds).
Importance of Unnatural Amino Acids
Since unnatural amino acids are widely used as active ingredients in a variety of related industries, such peptide drugs, high-value medicines, health foods, cosmetics, pesticides, and animal feed, they are core materials in the bioindustry and has significant economic impacts on the whole industries.
In the aging society where the demand for biotechnology-related materials is expected to grow drastically, the high-value chiral technology is absolutely necessary. Industrially, unnatural amino acids are of great significance in that they can be used as active ingredients and/or intermeidates of medicines and fine chemicals
Chiral Organocatalysts for Production of Unnatural Amino Acids
To date, unnatural D-amino acids, structural isomers of natural L-amino acids, have been primarily synthesized from the methods, such as chiral resolution or enzymatic transformation. The chiral resolution or enzymatic transformation is mainly used to synthesize unnatural D-amino acids, structural isomers of 20 natural L-amino acids. In particular, the enzymatic transformation has recognized disadvantages in that due to enzymatic substrate specificity, one enzyme can produce one amino acid and a lot of time and costs are required for the development of an enzyme itself. To comply with these shortcomings, there is urgent need for suitable technologies to produce amino acid in an efficient manner.

Through a technical transfer of globally recognized chiral organocatalysts (C-TRI CatalystTM), which was developed by Professor Song Chung-eui of Sungkyunkwan University, we developed a production technology for unnatural amino acids. Using our chiral organocatalysts (C-TRI CatalystTM), our cutting-edge technology for production of amino acids is differentiated from other conventional methods, thus being applicable in production of all unnatural amino acids.
C-TRI’s Chiral Organocatalysts
Our chiral technology is a locally developed platform technology that can produce all unnatural amino acids in optically pure forms. Thus, we note that unlike the existing technologies, our platform technology can produce all unnatural amino acids that will act as a driving force to accelerate new drug projects and fine chemical growth.

To date, C-TRI has established a sizable product portfolio for OTC and ethical product to produce profits. To solidify our earning source, we will commercialize our own unnatural amino acids and diversify our pipeline products based on unnatural amino acids, including antineoplastic agents, peptide drugs and antiviral agents

On top of that, the addition of unnatural amino acids (C-TRI-SILACTM), which are substituted into a wide range of protected amino acid and stable isotopes, will enable C-TRI to garner more profits.